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Over twenty years of working together has prompted Glen Romain and Gilles Gravelle to open a business together.  The mechanical trades, over the years, have lost their passion.  We at Delta Flow Mechanical will bring that passion back.  This passion and pride will be seen in the quality of work delivered by our team. 


No project is too small or too large for 

our team.

From small intricate systems to large ones, members of the Delta Flow team have been a part of some of the largest projects in the National Capital Region.  

The projects have included heating and cooling using different fluid mediums.  High and low pressure steam applications,  domestic potable and non potable systems.  argon, nitrogen, compressed air, deionized water, and all types of drainage only to name a few.

High purity piping an​d​ welding 


Water Treatment facilities 

Water Softeners 

Backflow Prevention - Installation and Testing 

- High/Med/Low pressure steam

-Steam trap audits and reports


What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Delta F​low Mechanical

140 Sweetvalley Dr. 

Ottawa, Ontario

K4A 1A4



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